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About Melinda Lee Holm
For Melinda Lee Holm, Tarot is the lens that she views the world through. When she is having a day where everything I she does seems to accomplish the opposite of what she intended, she thinks “ok, so it’s a 5 of Wands kind of day!” and then go about rescheduling whatever she can or a time that may be more productive. If she is facing a multi-faceted problem that requires decisiveness and strong leadership, she will try to embody The Emperor. If the solution seems like it might go down better with a little sugar, she may switch to embodying the all-loving Empress. This matching of moods and situations to Tarot cards is constant for her. If something doesn’t make sense to her in English, she translates it into Tarot and the path forward becomes clear.
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Veer & Wander
6 Brady St
San Francisco CA 94103
(415) 864-3012
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