Penrose Candles Ceramic Candle Auburn Dusk Product Image

Ceramic Candle

Auburn Dusk

Penrose Candles Ceramic Candle Black Ginger Product Image

Ceramic Candle

Black Ginger

Penrose Candles Ceramic Candle Night Tide Product Image

Ceramic Candle

Night Tide

Penrose Candles Tealights Highgarden Product Image



Penrose Candles Travel Candle Highgarden Product Image

Travel Candle


Penrose Candles Brand Image
About Penrose Candles
Penrose Candles is a modern home fragrance and design company based in Portland, Oregon. They handcraft timeless products with gender-neutral appeal and fragrances inspired by nature, memories and imaginary places. Each of their products are crafted by hand in small batches. From designing and blending their fragrance to labeling and packaging the final product, each step in their process is taken with care and consideration for the customers. They believe this attention to detail is critical in delivering a unique and high-quality product. They value clean, contemporary aesthetics and carefully considered design elements that, when combined with premium materials, create a unique home fragrance experience unlike any other. All packaging is designed in-house and much of it is produced locally in Portland, Oregon.
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